About me

Lisa Corso Mosaics

Hello I am Lisa Corso. I am from Argentina, South America, and I lived for a couple of years in Africa and Asia. The colors, the noise in the local markets and the bright sunlight of these places are always on my mind and they are a great source of inspiration. Now I am living in The Hague in Holland.

I use the ancient art of mosaic to create pieces for home and garden. They are designed with spontaneity, combining different techniques and materials.

My interest in mosaic began in 2004. I took several courses to learn the traditional way of mosaic making.

I find mosaic an exciting medium to work with because it is a challenge to blend colors together, to show depth, to use the effect of the light that sparkles on them, to make the right choice of tessera and shapes and the way the tessera is arranged and related to each other.  I like to mix different materials to create a special expression in my work.

Mosaics make beautiful gifts for the house, garden, and work place that last a long time.

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